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Year 2000 Advice

Many organisations are viewing Y2000 as a problem. Although this may be the case, for many it can be an opportunity, as outlined by an article in the recent Government report on Year 2000 by Ian Mansell, the owner of Business & I.T. Solutions. This opportunity can be summarised as using the cost of achieving compliance towards acquiring an improved replacement system which is more integrated and facilitates easier access to management level information (and is already compliant).

This opportunity does not exist for much longer. It will soon be too late to consider replacing systems without high business risk associated with a project that could over-run.

Business & I.T. Solutions provides expertise through a brief assessment of the Year 2000 risks, the options, and the associated cost equation. This enables organisations to make informed decisions as to the most appropriate route forward. This service is provided as a fixed fee option. It should ensure that shareholders’ funds are spent wisely and in the long term interests of the organisation.

If you are interested in this service, please leave your contact.

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