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Software Package Selection

Selecting a new software package is likely to be a significant project in its own right. Unless it is the computerisation of a very routine operation in a small company, the potential risk of damage to or lost opportunity for an organisation if the wrong package is selected is considerable.

This is largely a result of the modern business environment where there is an increasing need for the various elements of an organisation to link together more closely. Therefore, there is the debate as to whether there should be a single integrated package, which will undoubtedly require compromises in at least some business functions, or a number of separate packages which can be individually selected at different times to spread the cost, but which need to be linked.

For many organisations, the total cost of buying and implementing a new package exceeds 100,000. And yet those same organisations do not have proper evaluation processes in place, creating a considerable risk of not selecting the most appropriate package which results in further costs and uncertainty tailoring the package to overcome its weaknesses.

Business & I.T. Solutions provide various services relating to package selection. These range from setting up and creating an understanding of a formal selection process to leading the project and providing in depth expertise in the specific application area. We are confident that the additional cost of using such expertise is far outweighed by costs saved in subsequent tailoring.

If you are interested in this service, please leave your contact.

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