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Project Management

Most organisations have managers who are competent in running the business. If they havenít, they are likely to be approaching receivership or being taken over at a cost considerably below their real value.

However, projects are one-offs. Although a number of projects may be undertaken, they are scattered throughout the organisation, and so few managers actually repeat the process with the opportunity to apply their increased awareness with greater success.

Project management skills have a very different emphasis to line management. The timescales require a long term look-ahead and planning, and the execution entails close monitoring and a series of decisions or recommendations to overcome the unexpected obstacles that will undoubtedly arise. Most of the decisions are one-offs, of a nature unlikely to be repeated by the individual concerned.

IS/IT projects introduce an additional complication in that many business managers do not really understand computing related issues, and too few IT managers really understand business problems and requirements.

Business & I.T. Solutions can provide project managers who have specific experience of managing projects, and who understand IS/IT and business issues - the true hybrids. As part of our project management process, we would also expect to introduce a more formal approach to project management into our customers, which can be adapted for any type or size of project to reduce the risk of being late or overspending.

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