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Developing I.S. Strategies

Business & I.T. Solutions has extensive experience at assisting organisations in developing overall I.S. strategies. These include all aspects of IS/IT service provision including the organisation and operation of the IS/IT function, day-to-day operational systems, and the management information systems that ultimately facilitate improved decision making at all levels of management.

For medium to large organisations, our preferred approach is to lead the in-house resources through the process, and provide experienced input at all stages. This places greater demands on in-house resources, but also ensures a learning experience to help customers revisit their strategy regularly to keep it up to date as the organisation develops.

For smaller organisations, or those larger ones with insufficient resources, we can develop the strategy ourselves through discussions with key managers and evaluation of current systems provision, although this is not an option we actively promote.

If you are interested in this service, please leave your contact.

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