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Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning, or BCP, is a more recent version of the Disaster Recovery concept that has been understood for many years.

The vulnerability of computer systems has long been understood, together with the need to set up alternative centres for processing in the event of damage or long term hardware downtime within a computer centre. This process actually improves the resilience of organisations since they are no longer dependent upon paper based records that can be lost in a minor fire or flood.

However, the increasingly integral role of information processing within most organisations requires a much broader focus. The existence of an alternative processing site is almost valueless unless issues such as networks, staff, etc. are also considered. BCP is the process of examining the total organisation, both computerised and manual processes and information, and identifying a plan which provides adequate protection of the mainline business functions against a range of potential incidents.

It must be remembered that Directors, in their governance role of making decisions at all times that are targeted towards ensuring an ongoing business operation, have an obligation to ensure a BCP based planning process has been undertaken, and informed decisions regarding potential recovery options taken.

Business & I.T. Solutions provides an independent consultancy service. The baseline service is a BCP plan audit. This examines any existing plans and identifies areas of weakness or, in the event of there being no real plan, performs a top level risk analysis to report on key issues and provide an initial focus for action.

We also provide a full advisory service which can either work with clients to provide expertise in helping them perform a full risk analysis and BCP plan development and testing, or can lead such a project. We can actually do all the detailed work for an organisation, but we do not consider this to be a sound use of our resources from a client perspective and does not address the issue of ownership and maintenance of the plan.

If you are interested in this service, please leave your contact. 

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